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    Live well, here and now
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    The Acadian Peninsula’s Service Centre
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Latest news

Mayor and Town Council

A Word from the Mayor:

In an effort to address questions from our citizens, visitors and business people, all the information pertaining to our municipality has been gathered in one place. Like our municipality, this site offers something for both individuals and groups.

Municipal Council, with the support of a strong administration, works diligently to maintain and improve the quality of life of its fellow citizens. We are happy to say that people return to Tracadie. Statistics show we are one of the few places in northern New Brunswick experiencing a growth in population. That says a lot about the quality of life in this municipality.

We invite you to take part in activities, to attend council meetings and to share your thoughts with us. A community like ours thrives with the participation of all its members.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Denis Losier

Asserme 104

Town Council (2016-2020)

Assermentation 2016

First row: Denis Poirier (General manager), Denis Losier (Mayor) and Joey Thibodeau (Municipal clerk)

Second row: Norma McGraw (Councillor -Ward 2), Dianna May Savoie (Councillor - Ward 8), Réaldine Robichaud (Councillor - Ward 5), Ginette Brideau Kervin (Councillor - Ward 4), Raymonde Robichaud (Councillor - Ward 1)

Third row: André Saulnier (Councillor - Ward 7), Jolain Doiron (Councillor – Ward 3), Geoffrey Saulnier (Councillor - Ward 6), Denis McLaughlin (Councillor - Ward 7) and Jean-Yves McGraw (Councillor - Ward 8)
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